Best LED Marijuana Grow Lights

What are the best LED grow lights for cannabis in 2019

As more States have moved towards the legalization of marijuana led to increased indoor growing of Cannabis. And in a bid to maximize yields, growers of weed have resorted to using full spectrum LED grow lights as they consume less electricity, produce minimal heat and produce high marijuana yields.

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

The VARASPECTRA Reflector Series 600W panel can be switched between vegetative and flowering stages as needed. Perfect for a small grow tent.

Optimally configured with red, blue and white LEDs for a total of (120) 5 watt EpiLEDs diodes for all stages of growth leaning more towards the blue spectrum for the vegetative stage.

The light produced is so bright that it’ll be unwise to stare at it with the naked, unshielded eye.

Cooling Fans
The VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 600 watt panel has two 4.72″ fan for cooling. The fan draws air in thru the side vents, across the heat sink and blow out the top. This is petty standard with other comparable LED grow panels.

Indoor Garden Coverage
The VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 600 is perfect for a small garden 3×3′ with a maximum area of 4×4′. Compares to an traditional 600w HPS.

Daisy Chain
Expanding your indoor garden is relatively easy by adding additional fixtures by daisy chaining them together. No special cables are needed. Just plug the power cable from one unit into the other as shown below.

Veg/Bloom switch
Daisy chain capable
Excellent warranty

Too bright for clones
The VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 600W is the big brother to the VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 300W with the added benefit of being able to switch between vegetative and flowering stages.

I’d recommend using one for a small marijuana garden 3×3′. Adding another panel you can easily increase your coverage for a medium marijuana indoor garden of 3×6′
2. Advanced Platinum Series P600
Advanced Platinum Series P300 Led Grow Light
Advanced Platinum Series are among the most powerful LED grow lights available to consumers today. Yet this is just one of the reasons why we think that this is one of the best on the market. First of all, let’s talk output. Offering the highest PAR per watt of any grow light, it also features a 12-band spectrum. This means that you can expect excellent yield with minimum power usage and heat. So if you’re looking for LED grow lights that are high in efficiency, you can’t go wrong with the P600. The dimensions of the unit are 36” x 8” x 3”. Therefore, it can provide 6ft x 4ft coverage at a height of 18-inches. If you’re able to stretch your budget, go for several of these units and you’ll be able to grow some impressive crops!

The 12-band spectrum produced by the P600 is the secret to the success of this product. This offers a complete blend from low UV to high IR which is exactly what your cannabis plants need. The LEDs used are US-made so you can expect them to be of high quality. This is reflected in their lifespan which is some 100,000 hours (up to 8-10 years). When you combine all of these advantages with the 5-year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee, you’ve got an unbeatable combination! The only drawback is the price which may be out of reach for those on more limited budgets. We think they’re well worth the investment.


  • Highly efficient with minimum power usage and heat
  • The dimension offers flexibility for different size crops
  • Bulbs have a long life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee


  • This product may be too expensive for some people

3. Marshydro Reflector 720W – Most Versatile
This light does not get loud nor does it get loud. When we tried this light, it exceeded our expectations, especially for an “inexpensive” light.

The brand has been around for a while hence why they are able to make the installation easy for just about everyone (they’ve been in business for over 7 years and are a well-known brand in the industry). This light was definitely one of the more energy efficient compared to some of the other lights that we tested (especially the cheaper ones). We used ours in a 4×4 canopy and it worked great as the light was able to penetrate all open space.

This light does have the switch so you can toggle between veg/bloom mode, making this one of the premier lights for compact spaces. It can also be used for medium-sized spaces, so it’s an extremely versatile. It has the full spectrum of blue, red, and white for the veg and flowering stages.

4. Roleadro Galaxyhydro 300W LED grow light – Best Blue and red light ratio
Roleadro Galaxyhydro 300w Led Grow Light

Latest studies say that red and blue LED lights provide more developed growth for indoor hydroponics. When a grower controls this intensity and light spectra, then that grower becomes successful in growing a greener, sturdier and better plant.

Very supportive for growing weed, marijuana and cannabis. That is the reason for which growers are using LED lights for the purpose of Hydroponic growing.

Roleadro Galaxyhydro 300W has got all the qualities of helping a plant to grow in the healthier ways mentioned above. This LED grow light is made more of blue and red light rather than white. Due to its all-round abilities, Roleadro Galaxyhydro 300W marked its place in our Top 10 best LED grow lights for cannabis reviews .

Basic info about the product:
Roleadro Galaxyhydro 300W is an excellent performer, and most importantly, you can bring it home at a very comfortable price. It provides with the right light intensity, which is needed for growing marijuana. Besides that, for even more output, IR functionality is in inclusion. Our experts estimated that it is going to last long for 4- 5 years.

The light source of this machine is 100pcs x 3W Epileds LED chips. The actual power of this LED grow light is 132W, and the working voltage is AC100-240Volts. 50/60Hz is the frequency. The lifespan of the LED is 50,000 hours.

In dimensions, this LED grow light measures 12.1 x 2.4 x 8.2 inches. At the height of 24 inches, its core coverage is 2 feet by 2 feet, and the max coverage is 3 feet by 3 feet at the same height. The weight of this machine is just 7.6 pounds. The lens design angle of this LED grows light is 90 degrees and 120 degrees.

During the flowering stage, the height must be 32 to 40 inches.
During the stage of vegetation, you need to hang up to 40 to 48 inches.
When your plant is going through the germination stage, you need to hang it at 48 to 56 inches over it.


Long Lifespan because of improved heat diversion.
This model is built with two well-improved cooling fans, which work smoothly and effectively for proper heat diversion.
20%-30% increase in the speed of heat dissipation was noticed after the fan improvements, in comparison to other models of this series.
This LED grow light has 435 PARat 18 inches. It’s the highest when we talk about the 300W models in today’s market.
Decent for growing out of season veggies, fruits, flowers, etc.
The full spectrum that provides the perfect weather for your cannabis plant.
You can use blue and red when you need to grow plants. For emitting the warm heat during the winters, you can use the whitelight.Sturdy and highly durable. No complains regarding its durability.The intensity of the light is excellent. At a low cost, this one is probably the best in the market for those who want to grow a little garden inside their room.
Low power consumption. It is not going to hike up your electricity bills so that you can smile.

Lights need to be placed at perfect position, otherwise, doesn’t lead to good results.

5. Mars Hydro TS-1000 LED Full Spectrum Hydroponic LED Grow Light
Mars Hydro Ts 1000w

>Marvelous PPFD Value: TS 1000W can provide your plants with High PPFD value.While its average price of per unit density is very cheap.
>Marvelous Luminescence: The luminescence of TS is similar to HID’s, to meet the needs of growers with HID lights perfectly. High efficiency,up to 190 lumen/w.
>Marvelous Heat Dissipation:High-quality radiators can effectively heat the lamp, its heat is very low when used. So the lamp does not need a fan design.
>Marvelous Structure with Light Weigh: TS 1000W light is very easy to hang and use because of its simple structure and light weight.
>Marvelous HPS Replacement: Replaces effectively a 250 watt HID while consuming 150 watts of actual power.
>No noise, Appropriate Temperature: no fan make no noise but this TS has the same temperature as the HID lamp,no worries overheat.

MPN: MZ-TS-1000-342LED
Wattage: 1000W
Actual Watts: 150 W±5%@AC120V 148W±5%@AC240V
Replaces HPS HID: 250 watt.40% less energy than HPS
Coverage Area: core :76cmx60cm / max: 90cmx60cm
Spectrum: 660~665nm, 3200~4200Knm, 5200~6800Knm
Features: High par.
Hydroponic, soil
Hanging Distance: Seedling: 24-30 Growth: 18-24 Bloom: 12″-18″
Noise Level: 0 DB
View Angle of Leds: 90°/120° Mixed
Product Dimensions: 36cm x 33cm x 34cm
Product Weight: 1.76KG / 3.75LBS
Manufacturer Warranty: 3-year.

Cons: Has no uv or ir leds.

Best Higher Priced Lights

Kind Led

K5 – XL750 – Best LED Grow Light Kind LED

The KINDLED K5 XL750 comes with a fully customizable spectrum, built-in timer and sunrise/sunset function is one of a KIND.

The panel uses only about half the electricity as HPS lights, and produce much more yield per watt.

Using on 430 watts the KINDLED K5 XL750 grow light is a true replacement for a 1000 watt HPS system.

Sunrise & Sunset Function
In the real world, the sunrise gently intensifies as time goes on throughout the middle of the day. During sunset, the intensity dims and eventually goes dark. This exact function has been built into the XL750 to fully mimic mother nature. In fact, there are a total of eight different stages that the panel goes through as it turns on and turns off, giving your garden a gentle awakening in the morning, and a gentle pattern of darkness as it dims during the sunset.

Remote Control
The KIND K5 XL750 comes with a free remote control. When the panel is setup and operating in the growing environment, you don’t have to reach over or underneath your plants to adjust the settings that the panel provides.

Built-in Timer
The KIND K5 XL750 has a built-in timer so there is no need for an external timer since one is integrated and fully customizable.

The panel covers a 3′ x 3′ (Flower) or 4′ x 4′ (Veg) area and replaces a 1000 watt HPS setup, while only drawing 430 watts. The Kind K5 XL750 features a customizable spectrum, 8 light stages, and built in timing for full control over your valuable grow.

It has four large diameter ball-bearing fans that are constantly running over an array of heatsinks to provide ample heat dissipation for the entire duration of the light cycle. Each one is ventilated through the top panel as they blow a gentle breeze to make certain that overheating is never a problem.

Built-in Timer
Sunrise & Sunset Function
Remote Controlled
Excellent Warranty

Weighs 28 pounds
May be too bright for clones
Eye protect is required

The KIND LED K5 XL750 is the only panel that attempts to simulate sunrise and sunset for a more natural lighting. With a built-in timer there is no need for an external timer.

With a full customizable spectrum you are totally in control of Cannabis garden during the vegetative and flowering stages. You are guaranteed to get increased yields compared to using HPS.

Kind LED Grow Lights are truly one of a KIND.

G8LED 900W MEGA LED – Best Longevity


This is a very highly lauded grow light with some of the best longevity we have seen in the LED category. G8LED has had many iterations and has been producing LED grow lights for 8 years. Many bloggers and review sites describe this light as the cream of the crop, and it has been awarded some high accolades by major publications.

These lights are for both vegetative growth and flowering and provide intense lighting for 24 square feet of canopy. The light emits low heat and requires low electricity usage. If you want to graduate from a beginner set up to a professional production, this is the perfect light for you.

You may think it is a high price tag, but the money you save through electricity costs and the durability of this light will get you a long way.

California Lightworks Solarstorm 440W – Best Spectrum

California Lightworks 440W LED Grow Light definitely falls under one of the more expensive lights on our list, but this is one situation where you get the results you pay for. This particular unit comes in a bright red color – a stark change from subtly-colored light panels from other manufacturers.

The light is a bit more intense than those with 3W chips, as this uses 5W LEDs instead – 88 of them. The optics are all jewel-quality glass focused at 90 degrees. In addition, it has two 15W UV-B tubes to enhance growth at t he flowering stages. This panel runs cool and quiet with its built-in fans, and it comes with a 3-year warranty. California Lightworks is always a very well-recognized brand in the LED community, so you can’t go wrong here.

7. Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 600
Black Dog Led
Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 600 Grow Lights | High Yield Full Spectrum Indoor Grow Light

Unlike other manufacturers, Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 600 uses the actual wattage in their product names. Thus, the Phytomax 600 actually consumes 600 watts and is equivalent to using a 900 watt HPS.

Black Dog LEDs feature their Phyto-Genesis Spectrum™, which they developed after 5 years of extensive research. It includes light from 365 nm to 750 nm. That means it has all the wavelengths from UV-A to IR—basically every color of light plants need during any stage of growth.

Black Dog PhytoMAX-2 lights do not have separate modes for veg and bloom. As for the effectiveness of Black Dog’s spectrum: it has outperformed every other type of light (HPS bulbs, standard MH bulbs, light-emitting ceramic MH bulbs, induction bulbs, fluorescent bulbs and “white” LEDs) in equal-wattage tests.

This light will give you a 4.25 by 4.25 foot coverage area during flowering and a 6 by 6 foot coverage during veg.

Black Dog fixtures distribute their light much more evenly throughout the coverage area, so while you get less power in the center, you get more power on the outside of the coverage area and more average power overall.

True 600 Watts
High Quality 5 Watt diodes
Even light distribution

Full spectrum light that is not configurable
Too bright for clones

Overall, the Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 600 offers the best combination of coverage and canopy penetration. As a result, you get more even growth and the highest yields available.

Morsen 2400w Led Grow Light
Oh yeah, here comes the LED grow light with the best HPS replacement and actual power draw ratio. It is sucking no more than 450W from the wall while replacing a 2400W HPS/HID/MH light system. That is unbelievable! No other grow light model stands here in that contest.

Not just that, it has got many other things to impress you. Like you say, the noiseless cooling system, grow area, price, etc. Although Morsen is a newcomer in the market, but some of its products are beating the models of the most dominating brands, and Morsen 2400W LED Grow Light is one of them. No matter a beginner, or an expert, this one is a good choice for all. Now, let me make you familiar with some numbers.
Product Dimensions 3x 13 x 2.8 inches
Item Weight 16.7 lbs
Power replacement 2400W
Avg. Power Draw 450w
LED Quantities 240 LEDS double chips
LED Lens 120°
Input Voltage V85-265AC
Frequency 50-60Hz
Lifespan 100,000 hours
Core Coverage at 18″ Height 5 x 5.4 feet
Max Coverage at 24″ Height 6 x 6.5 feet
Number of fans 6 fans
Warranty period 3 Years
Money back guarantee period 30 days

Great HPS replacement and actual power draw ratio.
Easily affordable.Full spectrum with a tremendous blue and red light ratio.Veg and bloom switches for controlling spectrum.Long lasting unit.3 Years limited warranty.30 Days money return guarantee
Daisy chaining feature is absent.

I don’t have BESTVA or KINGLED on my list because they both are made by the same company and they do not reply back to their customers. I bought a King Plus 1200w light from them on their Kingled website and the photo of the light shows it with the Veg and Bloom switches, but the one i got does not have those switches. so i’ve sent two emails to them in the past thee weeks and they never replied back. On their website “Contact Us” they say they will reply back in 24 hours, that is just a lie. I imagine their 3 year Warranty is just a lie also,because they do not reply back to customers,so your Warranty is no good. All they care about is just getting your hard earned money. So i will not recommend them.

What you need to look for when buying your LED lights
When buying led grow lights for your marijuana growing needs, there are a number of things you need to consider. Below are the main factors to consider in your search for the best LED grow panel for marijuana.

Size of grow space and power
When buying a panel for indoor marijuana it is important to consider the amount of indoor space you have dedicated to the growing of marijuana. The space you have dedicated to the growing of weed will dictate the size and number of growing panels you require. As a basic rule of thumb, the minimum wattage you should get is 50 watt. With a 50 watt light, you can comfortably grow weed in one square foot of space.

Therefore, the minimum grow space to power ration is 50 watt per 1 square foot of space. That being said, it is important you calculate the size of the area that your indoor weed occupies. For example, if your marijuana occupies 4 square feet of space then you will need a minimum of 200 watts.

If on the other hand, your marijuana takes up 16 square feet of your indoor space go for a more powerful 800 watt light. The general rule is that more wattage results in more yields. Thus, it is wise to go for most power you can afford.

As with any other appliance, price is an important factor to consider when choosing a panel for growing marijuana. However, it should never be the main factor that influences your decisions when selecting led grow light kits. The main reason why LED lights are in so much demand is they save on electricity costs and bulb replacement costs.

If you are looking to supplement your existing grow lights, panels are great the way to go since minimal additional heat is generated. There are other cheaper led grow light options available that you can take advantage of if you are growing marijuana on a small scale, panels are the only way to grow indoors.

Nevertheless, light emitting diode panels are priced differently. Thus, there are those that cost upwards of $1000 and there are others that cost as little as $ 100. Needless to say, a led grow light that costs $ 1000 will be more powerful than a $100 panel. As such, it is important to evaluate your light needs vis-a-vis your financial position. If you are a small scale grower looking to increase your yields, a $100 panel will be ideal.

Contrastingly, if you have more marijuana to grow a $1000 led grow light will do a better job. A cheaper light will be incapable of providing light efficiently. To get a balance between price and performance go for a mid-range led grow light. These are lights that cost between $200 and $500. These lights offer more power compared to $100 grow lights but are less expensive than $1000 kits.

Grow Cannabis
In the past, you only had two options to choose from, white and panels of specific colors, such as red or green. Today, there are more options to select from.

However, all the options available can be categorized into two broad categories, white LEDs, and multi-band LEDs. White LEDs mimic the rays of the sun and are said to be more closely related to natural sunlight. Therefore, there are many people who prefer white LEDs to multi-band. So which of the two is the right one for you?

Well, it all depends on your preference and what you are growing. The biggest problem with white light emitting diodes are that they emit green and yellow spectrums, which are not required by plants.

Therefore, these lights are less efficient as the green and yellow lights go to waste. Multi-band lights, on the other hand, do not have this problem, making them more ideal for large scale growing of marijuana. Unlike white light emitting diodes, multi-band panels produce different spectrums including white spectrums. Therefore, they are able to emit the specific spectrum needed by marijuana plants.

Most full spectrum LED grow lights have customizable spectrums. This means they can be programmed to emit a specific spectrum. The benefit of this is that you are able to save on energy costs without exposing your plant to unwanted spectrums. For efficiency and flexibility, choose an LED grow light with more spectrums.

The more programmable lights an LED grow light is able to produce the more efficient it will be. This is because marijuana plants grow in stages and each stage requires a different spectrum. The first stage is the vegetative stage, which takes between 1 week and 40 days and the second is the flowering stage which takes about 40 days. While the plant is in the flowering stage it will require a different light than when it is in the vegetative stage.

What’s PAR and Why It’s Important
PAR stands for ‘Photosynthetically Active Radiation.’

And although some LED light manufacturers (wrongly) use the term PAR when talking about a light’s intensity, PAR is not a way to measure the intensity of your light.

PAR is the range for all the different wavelengths/colors of light that plants use for photosynthesis.

Par Wavelengths And Absorbtion Levels
Full PAR Range. As you can see plants need mostly blue and orange/red wavelengths, but could benefit from some green light as well.

For your plants to grow optimally, your LED light should have all the different wavelengths/colors of light that makeup PAR. But especially important are:

The blue wavelengths (for vegetative growth), and;
The orange/red wavelengths (for the flowering process).
Luckily, most LED manufacturers are aware of PAR and design their lights in such a way that most of the wavelengths/colors of light that fall within the PAR-range are present.

And the lights in this list have specific vegetation/flowering settings with optimized spectra for that particular stage in the growth cycle. and, you can quickly activate these specific settings with a simple switch.

This is also the main reason why LED lights are more efficient than HID lights (HPS and MH).

HID lights emit ALL the different wavelengths/colors all the time. This even includes wavelength/colors that fall outside of the PAR range!

What this means is that HID lights waste quite a lot of electricity, because they’re using power for colors/wavelengths that fall outside of the PAR range and thus are useless for your plants!

If you get the right LED light, your light will mostly have the wavelengths/colors of light that fall into the range of PAR and wavelengths that fall into the deep and far-red spectrum (which are essential for the Emerson effect). Your light will largely emit light that’s actually being used by your plants for photosynthesis. This way, little to no electricity goes to waste.

PAR doesn’t say anything about the light’s intensity (in all these different wavelengths). Your light’s intensity is key to rating a grow-light and getting strong plants with monster yields as well.

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